Overcome Doubt to Enjoy Success

I have a choice.

Sometimes doubt can be suffocating. Replacing doubt with confidence is a wonderful way to keep yourself focused on your success.

Deepak Chopra mentions we have a choice on how we respond to something happening in our life. I choose to push aside my negative inner dialogue such as…

  • “I am not smart enough.”
  • “No one is going to listen and buy my product.”
  • “That company is so much better than mine.”

When I feel these thoughts sneak up in my brain, I begin walking through simple steps to redirect my thoughts.

“I have a choice!”

First, I give myself 3 minutes to have the feels.

Yes, I allow time to feel it. I may write my feelings down, scroll through them in my brain, or allow a few doubtful tears to fall into my once steaming coffee turned chilly.

But, once those three minutes are up… so is my doubt session!!

I tell myself,

“Doubt is not an ingredient in my recipe for success.”

I did not start my hustle so I could be punked by doubt. I started my hustle with purpose.

Second, I remember my purpose.

My purpose is why I even started my hustle. I do not want to forget that I was created to help and care for others.

You were also created for a specific reason and you have a specific purpose. Trust yourself and keep going! Remind yourself of your purpose and mission.

If you are visual, post your purpose some where in your office, home or make it your computer desktop screen.

If you are auditory, talk about it with someone you trust. Find someone who inspires you and motivates. Or, find yourself a theme song! Yes, a theme song– that has a booming bass.  A study in the journal Social Psychology and Personality Science says, “some types of music… make people feel powerful…”

Third, walk in confidence!

Fake it until you make it! Your thoughts will begin to follow your body language. Don’t believe me? Try it…

Vanessa Van Edwards, with Science of People, provides research on using a power pose vs. a defeated stance. She talks about the positive chemical reactions occurring within a person’s brain during and after power posing. Still need proof… take a look at Amy Cuddy‘s Ted Talk about power posing body language. What do you have to lose?

Lastly, I keep going!

Keep going!

I am the kind of person that would rather make mistakes doing something I love, than do something I am apathetic about perfectly. I have learned that people who start a hustle all have something in common…


They buckle down, make the changes needed and press forward. Giving up is not an option.

Give yourself some grace, ask for help, pour yourself another cup of coffee (or put the chilled cup in the microwave for the 2nd time that morning) and keep going!

“I have a choice!”

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